Optional Hardware Upgrades of ImmunoSpot® Analyzers and Satellites.
Data Storage Options
TypeCapacityNumber of Plates*
RAID ~ 1000 GB 10,000
Other Accessories
Precision Monitor
Network/Hardware Customization
Light Bulb
Plate Holder
*One plate worth of data (comprised of the raw images of each well, the overlays of the automated analysis, QC files, MS Excel® and SpotMap™ files, among others) requires approx. 100 MB storage capacity in default quality


Additional External Hard Drives

External hard drives provide all the advantages of the removable hard drive , but more convenience and flexibility. External hard drives can be plugged in any computer and therefore permit the most effective way of transferring the raw images from an ELISPOT analyzer to independent work stations. This solution is especially helpful when the bandwidth of the local network is not wide enough for the transfer of the large image files, as is frequently the case at universities. The analyzer can save the raw images directly to the external hard drive; plug it in your laptop, and analyze on the laptop.

RAID 1000 GB

RAID stands for "Redundant Array of Independent Disks." Multiple drives run in parallel, constantly mirroring each other to prevent data loss during any hard drive crash. This extension is particularly advisable for laboratories that work in high volume. Counting and quality control of hundreds of plates in a clinical trial requires the investment of considerable time; losing the results before the GLP-compliant process is completed can be reduced by RAID. RAID does not lend themselves for long-term storage, and so CTL recommends the additional use of Data Backup for example on DVDs or Tapes for this purpose.

Precision Monitor

For convenient and accurate work in Quality Control.

Network/Hardware Customization

Systems set up for multiple users require customization. CTL provides such customization and services outside of scheduled maintenance visits.

Light Bulb

A replacement light bulb for the lightsource of your analyzer.

Plate Adaptor

The plate adaptor is a customized tray that ensures optimal positioning of different plates on the plate holder.