CEF Peptide Pools

The Positive Control for Activating CD8 Memory Cells

CTL, in collaboration with PANATecs, offers two peptide pools that cover HLA class I restricted T cell epitopes of Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr Virus, and Flu Virus (CEF peptides).

23 CEF Class I Peptide Pool

The "classic" 23 HLA class I-restricted CEF T cell epitopes. The pool covers determinants restricted by 11 HLA alleles: A1, A2, A3, A11, A24, A68, B7, B8, B27, B35, and B44. Most Caucasian individual express at least one of these alleles and the 23 peptides selected cover CD8 cell epitopes in most Caucasians. [1]

32 CEF Class I Peptide Pool

The extended peptide pool consisting of 32 HLA class I restricted CEF T cell epitopes, and covering 15 HLA class I alleles, in particular HLA: A1, A2, A0201, A3, A11, A24, A68, A6081, B7, B8, B18, B27, B35,B44, B0702. Because the “classic” 23 CEF peptides failed to elicit CD8 cell recall responses in all Caucasians, the original peptide pool by Currier, et al. was extended by nine peptides that cover determinants and more HLA alleles. The extended 32 peptide pool elicits recall responses in most humans. [1]

LIT: [1] A panel of MHC class I restricted viral peptides for use as a quality control for vaccine trial ELISPOT assays: J.R. Currier, et al.; J.Immunol. Methods 260, 157 (2002)

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