CTL ImmunoSpot Analyzer

The versatile ImmunoSpot® Analyzer has been specially customized for advanced laboratory work. The versatility of the unit makes it ideally suited for advanced scientific work in ELISPOT, viral plaque, and bacterial colony counting.

Features and specifications:
  • Image Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels per well
  • Analyzes 6- to 384-well plate formats (including the most common 96-well plate format)
  • Uses CTL’s revolutionary SmartLux™ lighting system — An upper shower light and a proprietary panel backlight automatically provide ideal illumination on all plate types (solid and membrane plates, transparent and opaque)
  • Automatic well centering for clear and white plates
  • High-resolution lens optimized for distortion-free capture of entire membrane, including outer membrane region (no loss in spots)
  • Fully equipped with ImmunoSpot® Software
  • Readily used in GLP-compliant laboratories. Upgradeable for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with CTL's revolutionary ImmunoCompliance™ package.

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