Rendering ELISPOT a Simple and Precise Assay

“The ideal assay for immune monitoring should be sensitive, specific, reliable, (and) simple.”

Summarizes James P. Allison in a recent review, (Sharma et al., Nature Reviews, 2011, 11:805.)

Measuring T cell-mediated immunity by flow cytometry of ELISPOT has been considered a complex art form that only highly-trained scientists can perform reliably. Even in specialized laboratories, the reproducibility of data has been an issue due to these tests’ complexity (Janetzki et al., Immunity 31, 2009, 527-528). NO LONGER! ImmunoSpot Kits have been developed to make sure that even first-time users in different laboratories can obtain the correct data with their first-ever attempt to run an ELISPOT assay (Zhang et al., J. Immunotoxicology, 2009, 6:227).

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