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Elispot Wet Assay Training at CTL Headquarters

CTL Elispot Wetlab Training

From Drawing Blood to Analyzing Assay Results and Data Management

Learn to perform ELISPOT assays of the highest standard, while saving months or years of assay development efforts!

Master the ELISPOT assay with our wet lab and data analysis training. During a full week of intense training at our international headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, you will:

  • Learn and discuss the theoretical basis of cytokine ELISPOT assays. This includes designing experiments for measuring the true frequencies of antigen-specific T cells, as opposed to cytokine spots generated by cells of the innate immune system.
  • Learn about Granzyme B and two-color ELISPOT assays
  • Gain first-hand wet lab experience in performing ELISPOT assays
  • Learn to use the basic and advanced features of our ImmunoSpot® software portfolio for accurate counting/gating of ELISPOTs, quality control and data management.

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