CTL FluoroSpot® Analyzer

S6 FluoroSpot Analyzer

CTL’s cutting-edge instrument for up to eight-color fluorochrome light-enabled work. Fully automated, high-throughput plate scanning and analysis for conventional ELISPOT and fluorescence-based “FluoroSpot” assays. Also suited for cell viability tests, apotosis tests and in vivo/in vitro measurements of cytotoxicity using cells labeled with a fluorescent dye.

Features and specifications:
  • High-resolution fluorescent camera
  • Standard fluorescent cube optimized for the combinations of FITC/PE and FITC/TRITC. Additional combinations of fluorochromes available.
  • Combination of shower light and coaxial illumination for even and color-neutral well illumination. Optimized for multi-color analysis in visible light spectrum.
  • High-resolution lens optimized for distortion-free capture of entire membrane including outer membrane (no loss in spots)
  • Fully loaded with ImmunoSpot® software
  • Readily used in GLP-compliant laboratories. Can be upgraded for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance using CTL's ImmunoCompliance™ package.

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