ImmunoSpot Academic Software

CTL ImmunoSpot® Academic Software has developed through CTL's years of laboratory experience designed to provide objective and reproducible ELISPOT results in a user-friendly fashion.

Features include

  • ImmunoSpot® Easy-Count: User-friendly analysis process; analyzing a plate can be as easy as one step!
  • Smart Count™—ImmunoSpot “wizard” counting mode with automated parameter set up based on proprietary counting algorithms in a fast, user-friendly process.
  • Count Confidence™- Automatically highlights results when spot confluence, high background or the presence of artifacts call the validity of counts in question.
  • ImmunoSpot® Multi-Plate Auto Count™ (IMPAC™) — Permits uninterrupted, “walk away” counting of an indefinite number of plate files.
  • ImmunoSpot® Multi-Parameter AutoCount— Permits multiple assay analysis within a single plate.
  • Spot Info™— Provides quantitative spot information, including spot location, size, mean and maximum spot intensity, circularity, mean well intensity, and more
  • Autogate™— An automated “gating” algorithm that uses a scientifically validated statistical function to differentiate between signal and noise and to determine minimum and maximum spot size for different cytokines.
  • Quality Control module— Permits the verification of counts generated by automated analysis and allows manual revisions if required to excise artifacts, to compensate for leaking membranes, etc.
  • Manual Double-Color analysis—Manual analysis of double-color spots (red, blue, and double-color) within one well.
  • Advanced presentation/publication features including direct export to PowerPoint®