Plate Scanning Service

This service provides efficient and cost effective imaging of microtiter plates for ELISPOT assays. Plates are shipped to CTL-Europe in Germany, after which CTL acquires images of each plate well using the ImmunoSpot® Analyzer. Data is returned as image files on CD along with your plates for your independent analysis using ImmunoSpot® Software or Satellite.

This service provides you with full access to the most advanced ELISPOT analysis portfolio, including presentation and data management tools without the requirement for the capital investment in an image acquisition device.

ImmunoSpot Plate Scanning Package

This package includes plate scanning and you will receive printouts of the plate overview, scans of your plate data to CD (images of each well), and/or optionally everything as electronic download (so you are able to access your data faster and don't need to wait for shipments to arrive).


If you also need a full analysis (eg. counting) of your plates, please see the complete package of Scanning&Analysis Service

Plate Scanning & Analysis Order Form

Scanning_Analysis_Order_Form_2015.pdf (153.2 KiB)