ImmunoSpot® Interactive Session

Seeing is Believing!

ImmunoSpot® Interactive Sessions offer an effective way for you to become thoroughly acquainted with our ImmunoSpot® portfolio.

This is how it works:

Via the internet, we permit your computer (PC or Macintosh) to share the interface of our ImmunoSpot® software. In this way, you can follow the image analysis and data management process in real time, as we demonstrate it and while we discuss the results on the phone. All you need is a computer with internet access and a phone and we can set up an ImmunoSpot® Interactive Session with you at your convenience! If several researchers are interested in attending the demonstration, you may hook up a video projector and use a speaker phone to maximize the efficiency of our interaction.

We can provide ELISPOT plates to illustrate the analysis of both straightforward and complicated results. However, we invite you to send us your own plates (you may select even your most challenging plates) and we will gladly analyze those plates for you and with you!

The ImmunoSpot® Interactive Session is an effective way to become thoroughly acquainted with the ImmunoSpot® portfolio.

Automated Analysis

We will demonstrate how user-friendly, yet accurate, our software is in handling even challenging results during automated analysis.

We will discuss software features that operate in the background, giving the software the "artificial intelligence" to recognize spots and clusters with astounding efficiency and consistency during automated counting.

Quality Control

We will demonstrate how the software makes corrections for assay artifacts and how such necessary manual revisions and annotations are documented.

Data Management

Our demonstration will also showcase the capabilities of our accessory data management program, SpotMap™.


Learn how to multiply the value you get from an ImmunoSpot® Analyzer when it is used in conjunction with additional Satellites and software packages. We will discuss hardware extensions/setups that can maximize your work flow, data management and data security.

You are in the Driver's Seat

You may have special interest in some of the many issues that can be covered in ImmunoSpot® Interactive Sessions. Please let us know what they are, so we can tailor these sessions to your needs and have one of our scientists with the appropriate background "on the other end".