Robotic Plate Loader

ELISPOT lends itself to high-throughput work. When plate loads increase in clinical trials or in large scale experiments (e.g. epitope mapping), handling many plates in the course of an experiment becomes common. The ImmunoSpot® Robotic Extension permits automated ELISPOT plate scanning by feeding hundreds of plates to our ImmunoSpot® Readers. This robotic extension arm excels in versatility. In addition to our readers, it can also be linked to other instruments such as ELISPOT plate washers for further automating ELISPOT assays. With automation, work efficiency can be increased while reducing the error rate. The ImmunoSpot® Robotic Extension affords an excellent combination of high-throughput capability, versatility, and simplicity.

Technical specifications:

    • Plate capacity:
      Per stack up to 30 plates, maximum up to 90 plates automated throughput
    • Dimensions:
      27 inches x 19 inches
    • Weight:
      Approx. 40 lbs