Satellite Workstations

The modularity of the ImmunoSpot® System enables the researcher to use the ImmunoSpot® Satellite workstations for independant data analysis after plates have been scanned in with a ImmunoSpot® analyzer.

Satellites Enable Independent Data Analysis

One cost-effective way to get started in automated, state-of-the-art ELISPOT analysis immediately is by purchasing an independent ImmunoSpot® Satellite. The PC hardware is customized for high-throughput image analysis, data security and storage. It comes with the full ImmunoSpot® software suite pre-installed and can be customized for a GLP-compliant closed system.

This establishes fully independent ELISPOT analysis and provides all the sophistication, functionality, and supporting scientific validation of the ImmunoSpot® System, while saving the capital expense of a dedicated Analyzer until funds for a lab instrument become available.

Additional Satellites as Extensions for Analyzers

The ImmunoSpot® System is designed to be expandable for use by several independent investigators. In addition to working with independent software applications on suitable computers, the system can be customized for any number of remote access satellites connected to the Analyzer through a local area network with access capabilities from PC- or Macintosh-based computers. This permits several licensed users to independently analyze the data in the comfort of their own offices. CTL offers the option of customizing the configurations to meet your data storage, safety, management and networking needs.