Software Suites

The software development was aimed at creating an architecture with outstanding user-friendliness and scientific accuracy. The intuitive interfaces require minimal training time while the built-in artificial intelligence makes spot counting accurate, objective and scientifically validated.


Immunospot Software  

ImmunoSpot® Professional Software
The ultimate software for ELISPOT analysis. Provides all the features of the Academic edition, plus additional useful and professional features needed for regulated work or high-throughput.

Biospot Software  

Biospot® Software
Our specialiced software for colony counting and plaque assays.


ImmunoSpot® Double-Color Software
Permits fully automated double-color analysis with all the unmatched functionality of our ImmunoSpot® software.

SpotMap Software  

SpotMap™ Software
Links the assay results with the actual parameters of the assay—patient information, antigens testing, and so forth. An indispensable tool for high-volume work.

ImmunoSpot Academic Software  

ImmunoSpot® Academic Software
Our basic software suite for ELISPOT analysis. Provides the most common features and is tailored for academic use.