Spot Morphology

Elispot formation Graph1

Elispot formation Graph2

The animations above show ELISPOT formation at four per cell cytokine productivity rates, with the highest on the left and the lowest on the right. The spot size (x-axis) and its density distribution (y-axis) undergo characteristic changes with time, as defined by actual cytokine productivity, lateral diffusion and dissociation. The graph below shows the diameter of spots (y-axis) as a function of time (x-axis) at these four productivity rates.

CTL is the leading authority in ELISPOT research and spot formation within ELISPOT assays. CTL research includes the development of empirically derived mathematical models for spot formation and morphologies, correlating them with assay conditions and rates of secretion.


Elispot diameter in time


CTL expertise in ELISPOT morphology fuels the revolutionary SmartSpot™ software feature, which automates the selection of spot parameters using scientifically validated principles. With the innovative image processing capabilities of SmartSpot™, the majority of assays can be analyzed with ultimate accuracy, yet without abandoning speed and ease of use.