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Viral Titration Assays, Bacterial Colony Counting and Clonogenic Assays

The ImmunoSpot® analysis portfolio can be readily customized to support viral titration assays, clonogenic assays and bacterial colony counting. Plate scanning can be done using any of the standard CTL Analyzers, while the actual spot counting can be performed using our customized BioSpot® software. This solution allows users to make use of CTL's tried and tested software techniques, which have been developed through years of laboratory experience.Viral Plaque Assay

The ImmunoSpot® portfolio uses CTL's high-performance hardware and imaging techniques to enhance well images and automate the spot counting process. These same techniques can be used to enumerate elispots, transwell spots, viral plaque formations and bacterial colonies alike. With CTL's image enhancement techniques, spot counting can be performed even on difficult well images, such as those with miniscule spots, tightly clustered colonies or well contaminants.

Apart from providing high-performance hardware and software, the ImmunoSpot® portfolio makes spot counting fast and easy through its use of:

  • Flexible yet highly intuitive user interfaces
  • Intelligent object detection algorithms
  • Intelligent point-and-click techniques for specifying spot parameters
  • Extensive, easy-to-use quality control features

Find out more about our BioSpot® Analyzers and how they can help you in speeding up your workflow and improving your results.

Viral Plaque Assay 2


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Viral Plaque Assays and Colony Counting