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Web-based ImmunoSpot® Software Consultation

Via the web, we offer our customers the option to view and discuss raw data with us, analyze together, and customize data presentations. Such one-on-one consultations are available upon request.

The basic operation of the ImmunoSpot® software and the analysis of "ideal" assay results (pristine spots over no background) can be learned in minutes. However, for certain cytokines and experimental systems, ELISPOT results can be rather complex, requiring the utilization of advanced features of our ImmunoSpot® software. We pride ourselves on "having seen it all", and having come up with image analysis solutions for even the most complex of ELISPOT results!

We can instantly assist you in analyzing such complex results. Your ImmunoSpot® Analyzer or Satellite PC can be hooked up to the internet, ideally with a phone nearby. You can then share your computer screen with us, and we can view and analyze your ELISPOT data while discussing the results. This most effective form of assistance and training is only an internet connection and a phone call away!

By purchasing an ImmunoSpot® system, you gain access to the joint expertise of the leaders in the field!

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