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The home of ImmunoSpot®


About CTL and CTL-Europe

Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) is a privately held biotechnology company headquartered in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, OH, USA with ~ 150 fulltime employees. CTL-Europe, located in Bonn, Germany, is CTL’s exclusive distributor for Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

A spinoff of Case Western Reserve University, the company was founded by Prof. Paul V. Lehmann and scientists working with him on immune monitoring with the intent to help fellow scientists in their respective immune monitoring efforts. CTL maintains an active immune-monitoring-focused research program presently employing 19 M.D./Ph.D.- level scientists to extend the limits of immune monitoring, and to share the expertise gained with the research community.

CTL Headquarters, Building A, in Shaker Hts, OH

CTL is the only company that, for over 25 years now, has been focusing on advancing ALL ASPECTS of immune monitoring by ELISPOT/FluoroSpot (collectively called ImmunoSpot®):

  • Developing and manufacturing hardware and software solutions for scientifically validated ImmunoSpot® data analysis that are suited to serve the advanced needs of both the academic as well as the regulated research community.
  • Developing and manufacturing ImmunoSpot® test kits that not only have ultimate sensitivity for each analyte, but also permit unambiguous detection of analyte co-expression patterns in multicolor assays.
  • Developing and manufacturing all other reagents that are critical for the optimal performance of the assay, including serum-free test media that have been formulated for low background and high signal performance in ImmunoSpot® assays, or for functionally loss-free freezing and thawing of PBMC.
  • Developing and offering positive control antigens for T cell ImmunoSpot® testing.
  • Building and offering an extensive library of PBMC that provides scientists ready access to human subjects’/cohorts’ fully functional PBMC that bear genetic or environmentally imprinted traits of their interest. These cells are also ideal for studies of cellular immune functions while accounting for the diversity within the human population. Fully-functional, these cells are ideal as reference standards and for assay development, qualification, and validation.

Our Contract Research Organization (CRO) implements cellular immune monitoring for our clients.

Learn more about the ImmunoSpot® technology.

CTL’s Mantra

To help science progress by:

  • pioneering immune monitoring and elevating it to an exact science
  • creating hardware and software solutions that enable objective, transparent, and documented morphometric analysis
  • creating reagent solutions that standardize and expedite immune monitoring
  • supporting clinical trials and scientific efforts in immune monitoring
  • narrowing the gap between basic immunology and its application in health care