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In addition to Analyzers and test kits, the ImmunoSpot® portfolio includes accessory products, all optimized, fine-tuned, and batch tested for optimal ELISPOT/FluoroSpot performance:
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Did you know?

  • That high throughput T cell epitope mapping has become more feasible than ever?

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  • Detection of virus-reactive memory B cells by ImmunoSpot® more reliably reveals past infection(s) compared to serum antibody measurements.

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  • See how to use 4 color ImmunoSpot® for dissecting the cytokine signature of SARS-CoV2-specific T cells:

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  • Not just the first choice for ELISPOT/FluoroSpot and serum neutralization assays in general: ImmunoSpot® Instruments have also become the gold standard for reading SARS-CoV-2 antibody neutralization.

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  • Single and Multi-color reference plates now available for verifying ImmunoSpot® instrument’s consistent performance: Instrument qualification and validation has never been simpler.

    Confirm instrument performance with a reference plate and dedicated ImmunoQualify software – generate Pass/Fail reports with a click of a button.

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  • New ImmunoSpot® Release: SpotStat™ Software for the statistical analysis of ELISPOT/FluoroSpot data

    The primary function of SpotStat® is to provide statistically-validated discrimination between antigen-induced responses and negative controls. SpotStat® was specifically designed to perform multiple comparison tests using a number of family-wise error correction methods, when multiple positive responses (e.g., peptide screening in T cell assays) are compared to a single negative control for the same subject (donor).

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  • All CTL instruments now can count ELISPOT results consistently: Harmonization of instruments among different sites has never been more simple

    Our IntelliCount™ software uses spot recognition criteria that are independent of some of the variables commonly affecting classical counting results such as differences in light sources, optics and other image capture components. This software is a major step towards elevating ELISpot to an exact science by coming up with consistent/standardized counts.

    ImmunoSpot IntelliCount™

    Over 25 years of CTL’s leading expertise in objective, scientifically validated ELISPOT counting works now automatically for you “at a click of a button”! It does so, at the unprecedented speed of 20 seconds per 96 well ELISPOT plate! ELISPOT evaluation by InteliCount™ does not require setting of counting parameters for delivering the right result; any and all users will obtain the same unbiased objective counts even if they use different ImmunoSpot® analyzer models. The challenge of harmonizing ELISPOT counting has been solved!

    In addition to offering the ultimate simplicity and user friendliness (while the software automatically performs the most sophisticated high-content data analysis in the background), the new ImmunoSpot® Studio platform also provides streamlined access to high-content information, including assessing the amount of analyte released by cells (“spot volume”). In B cell ELISPOT, the detailed analysis of spot morphologies provides information on the individual B cell’s affinity for the antigen.

    ImmunoSpot Studio™

    The new CTL Studio™ framework permits to create modular custom software suites for a variety of applications used in immune monitoring. This highly advanced framework utilizes standard building blocks like Lego pieces to generate the required functionality and graphical user interfaces. Versatile counting algorithms implemented in CTL Studio™ cover a variety of object types for the recognition of individual cells, ELISPOTs, viral plaques, bacterial colonies, and much more. CTL Studio™ includes the IntelliCount™ data processing mode to ensure unbiased, objective results and advanced statistical analysis. It enables user-friendly implementation of versatile counting algorithms for high-content analysis including measurements of the amount of analytes released by secreting cells (spot “volume”). A floating point HDR imaging option is available to increase the dynamic range of such measurements. For highest precision, the unprocessed high bit rate RAW images are also supported at up to 16-bit resolution. The current Studio release includes suites for ELISPOT, BIOSPOT, ODense/ELISA and CTL Reagent Tracker. The CTL Studio framework continuously develops to cover new applications and to meet growing challenges of comprehensive immune monitoring.

  • Access to custom antigen-specific B cell ImmunoSpot® assays

    The primary limitation to developing new antigen-specific B cell ELISPOT/FluoroSpot assays has been the ability to coat membranes densely with antigen. No longer!

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    Request CTL to develop a B cell assay of your choice for you.
  • All fluorescence-capable ImmunoSpot® analyzers now come with high-throughput live/dead PBMC counting capability

    Live/dead cell counting is important for the assessment of PBMC samples’ fitness following cryopreservation or prolonged storage/shipment [ref]. The accurate counting of live cells in PBMC is essential for adjusting the cell numbers to be plated into ELISPOT/FluoroSpot assays as divergent cell counts contribute the largest variability to inter-assay reproducibility. Unless using a dedicated instrument for live/dead cell counting, this process is time-consuming and rate limiting for testing of multiple PBMC samples in an experiment. No longer!

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  • ImmunoSpot® analyzers now permit measuring cell-mediated cytotoxicity via the Target Cell Visualization Assay (TVA)

    Measuring cell-mediated cytotoxicity is part of the assay repertoire of most laboratories involved in immune monitoring efforts. CTL’s philosophy is to offer instruments that support several functions commonly performed in immune monitoring laboratories. Enabled by our TVA Software suite, CTL’s fluorescence capable ImmunoSpot® instruments can measure cell-mediated cytotoxicity.

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  • New to ELISPOT/FluoroSpot? CTL now offers one-on-one, hands-on training with the assays, data analysis, and troubleshooting!

    No instruments needed, no PBMC or antigens needed, we provide it all! You can get started any time.

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The ELISPOT Technology Pioneers

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  • ImmunoSpot® kit plates now available with precoating quality controlled

    Membranes of PVDF plates suited for ELISPOT/FluoroSpot analysis can show regional defects that can cause individual wells to fail. No longer! At CTL, for our ImmunoSpot® kits we now quality control the membrane of each well, and we devised ways to quality control the even pre-coating of each well, in addition.

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  • ImmunoSpot® Rapid Tests now available

    The number of pipetting steps and incubation times were reduced for fast results.

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  • CTL now offers full exome-characterized PBMC

    You may not want to miss this opportunity if you are studying in humans the effect of any type of genetic variation on any type of cellular function.

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  • T and B cell characterized PBMC now available

    Looking for positive/negative control PBMC reference samples? In addition to offering PBMC that have defined numbers of antigen-specific T cells, we now also offer PBMC with defined numbers of antigen-specific B cells.

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  • We offer largely improved positive controls for testing antigen-specific CD4+ or CD8+ T cell function in PBMC

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  • Polyclonal B cell stimulator mimicking T cell help now available for monitoring antigen-specific memory B cells by ELISPOT/FluoroSpot.

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  • CTL introduces new HDR imaging platform for FluoroSpot analysis

    Conventional FluoroSpot relies on the analysis of a single image of a well, captured using a single exposure level. This approach may miss faint spots, while overly bright spots can be over-exposed, leading to inaccurate quantitation of the per cell secretory activity. No longer!

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  • CTL scientists highlight ImmunoSpot®’s suitability for high-throughput immune monitoring

    Our recent publication details how comprehensive ImmunoSpot® testing against all potential determinants of an antigen is technically feasible, and calls into question the usage of single or few previously established or predicted peptides for reliable immune monitoring.

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