Customer Testimonials

The following are feed-back statements CTL received via Survey Monkey, a customer survey mechanism that does not reveal the identity of the person commenting on his/her experience:
We are using your analyser with very good results and this has radically changed our approach to neutralization assays. I’ve been meaning to get back to you to tell you this.
You'll find very hard to hear something negative about CTL from me. I have been a costumer since 2002 and since then all my experiences have been positive.
In my 11 years at my company, I can honestly say that only a handful of vendors I have worked with have been genuine, unconditional and fun to work with, C.T.L. is one of those companies. I surely hope that I will get to work with CTL again, I may be moving into diagnostics and medical devices but that’s for the next adventure.
I really appreciate your help, actually you guys as a company have the absolute best customer service that I have ever had the opportunity to deal with.
Wonderful experience working with the Customer Service staff. Serving the customers truly is their top priority.
I only hope that, as often happens to other companies, CTL does not merge with a larger corporation, what most of the time leads to drop in customer care quality.
We were new to ELISPOT. Jodi was so helpful getting us rolling.
I wanted to take a moment to let you know of the great work Dwaine Bensen has been doing for our labs. I am the Director of Immunoassays and am working with a team to set up a new lab space with several new CTLs. Our equipment specialists have had some issues setting up several new CTLs and Dwaine has been extremely helpful in the troubleshooting process. In his first visit, Dwaine set up two additional CTLs in our labs and was able to harmonize them to others in the building. This was impressive as he was short on time, but still managed to complete one harmonization before leaving. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate Dwaine’s hard work and dedication.
Thank you for providing the information I was looking for. You all are amazing, thank you again one- thousand times for all your help with this!
I just wanted to write on behalf of the whole team to thank you for an extremely comprehensive training on our CTL Analyzer this morning. Paul and I have previously worked with CTL reader at another organization, and we were both very impressed with how well you filled in the gaps in our knowledge from prior training sessions. I'd say this was even more impressive given the difficulties of training individuals effectively when the information needs to be conveyed remotely/virtually!
Thank you and Marsha for your promptness in response as well as in arranging the training for us. It was a pleasure working with your team.
Derek was great: efficient, helpful and friendly. Thanks to you both for accommodating my request so quickly.
Nate was super great! He worked efficiently and was communicative throughout his visit. He is welcomed back anytime!
Brandon was very nice and patient with us. Brandon answered all of our questions and even helped us set-up a new set of counting and scanning parameters.
Greta and the team were extremely patient with us through the process. They made all of the scheduling really easy.
Customer Service and the tech who came on site were very helpful and friendly.
I just filled out the survey you requested and just wanted to add here that the training provided by Brandon was successful. I believe we achieved what we were hoping to through the training. Brandon was easy to talk to and had in depth knowledge on the operation of the instrument. Overall, it was a wonderful session.
Outstanding service provided by technician.
Pam was friendly and efficient and was able to describe the problem as well as fix it to our satisfaction.
Dominika was helpful every step of the way, from getting the quote, updating me on the status of the parts and computer, to actually getting a technician to perform the repair and update.
Greta is great!!!
Service was outstanding. We look forward to working with you again next year for annual PMs. Brandon was truly great to work with. very easy to talk to, had in-depth knowledge on the working of the instrument and when he didn't have the answers, he did not hesitate to admit to that and forwarded our questions to the right contact. Overall wonderful experience and would be our preferred contact for future assistance with the instrument.
Technician was outstanding!
Please let me express my satisfaction with the service received. Pam was efficient, friendly and simply amazing.
Currently, with the new acquisition here, everything went very well: delivery, training, and performance. During the installation, I pointed out a few software features that could be interesting pursuing, and I am happy to report that I have already been contacted to learn more about it, use, expectations etc.
I just wanted to say that your customer service has been extremely helpful and patient. I realize we have been quite needy, so thank you for all of your help throughout this process.
Customer Service staff was outstanding.
I also wanted to thank all of you for your help with troubleshooting and setting up the new computer. Your quick responses to my emails and questions have been very much appreciated! Thanks to all of you I was able to keep my work going without delay.
Brandon was very nice to work with. We were having some troubles on our end but he was easy to get a hold of, very communicative, and patient with us trying to set things up.
Customer Service was great.
Greta was very responsive and helpful every step of the way.
The tech was knowledgeable, personable, and completed the service in a timely manner.
The Customer Service were all very helpful.
Service was outstanding. We look forward to working with you again next year for the annual preventative maintenance.
The customer service at CTL is exceptional!

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