Greg A. Kirchenbaum, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientist

Personal Statement
I have a long-standing fascination with the immune system, and specifically the development and maintenance of immunology memory in the context of natural infection or prophylactic vaccination. Since joining CTL, I have been exploring the utility of the ImmunoSpot (ELISPOT/FluoroSpot) assay platform for performing detailed characterization of rare antigen-specific B cell populations.

Education and Training
  • BS with Honors, (2006), Biology, Florida State University
  • PhD, 2013, Immunology, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Center for Vaccines and Immunology, University of Georgia
Recent Publications
  1. Köppert S, Wolf C, Becza N, Sautto GA, Franke F, Kuerten S, Ross TM, Lehmann PV, Kirchenbaum GA. Affinity tag coating enables reliable detection of antigen-specific B cells in ImmunoSpot assays. 2021. Cells. Jul 17;10(8):1843.
  2. Lehmann AA, Kirchenbaum GA, Zhang T, Reche PA, Lehmann PV. Deconvoluting the T cell response to SARS-CoV-2: specificity versus chance and cognate cross-reactivity. 2021. Front Immunol. May 28; 12:635942.
  3. Forgacs D, Abreu RB, Sautto GA, Kirchenbaum GA, Drabek E, Williamson KS, Kim D, Emerling DE, Ross TM. Convergent antibody evolution and clonotype expansion following influenza virus vaccination. 2021. PLoS One. Feb 22;16(2):e0247253.
  4. Przybyla A. Lehmann AA, Zhang T, Mackiewicz J, Galus L, Kirchenbaum GA, Mackiewicz A, Lehmann PV. Functional T cell reactivity to melanocyte antigens is lost during the progression of malignant melanoma, but is restored by immunization. 2021. Cancers. Jan 9;13(2):233.
  5. Ecker JW, Kirchenbaum GA, Pierce SR, Skarlupka AL, Abreu RB, Cooper RE, Taylor-Mulneix D, Ross TM, Sautto GA. High-yield expression and purification of recombinant influenza virus proteins from stably-transfected mammalian cell lines. 2020. Vaccines. Aug 21;8(3):462.
  6. Franke F, Kirchenbaum GA, Kuerten S, Lehmann PV. IL-21 in conjunction with anti-CD40 and IL-4 constitutes a potent polyclonal B cell stimulator for monitoring antigen-specific memory B cells. 2020. Cells. Feb 13;9(2):433.
  7. Abreu RB, Kirchenbaum GA, Clutter EF, Sautto GA, Ross TM. Preexisting subtype immunodominance shapes memory B cell recall response to influenza vaccination. 2020. JCI Insight. Jan 16;5(1):e132155.
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