Mouse IgA/IgG1/IgG2a/IgM Four-Color FluoroSpot

This optimized Fluorospot assay reliably detects mouse IgA,IgG1,IgG2a and IgM secretions from either Antibody Secreting Cells that have been immunized/activated in vivo, or memory B cells that have been polyclonally stimulated in vitro to secrete antibody.

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This ImmunoSpot® kits contains PVDF-membrane plates, diluents, capture antibody, detection reagents, colorimetric substrates and polyclonal B cell stimulator (B-Poly-S™) capable of eliciting IgA, IgG1, IgG2a and IgM antibody-secreting cells (ASC).

Capture Kit

Includes low autofluorescence PVDF plates and all diluents.

Detection Kits

Kits contain unlabeled and/or fluorescently-labeled Detection Antibodies and fluorochrome conjugates that bind to the secreted antibodies of interest. The fluorochrome conjugates contain proprietary dye systems for fluorescence detection of the specific Ig class/IgG subclass by scanning and analyzing the emitted wavelength of the fluorochrome(s) using an ImmunoSpot® fluorescent Analyzer.

Volume discounts available, please inquire.

Components Catalog #
Ig Capture Kit mB4F
IgA Detection Kit mB16
IgG1 Detection Kit mB26
IgG2a Detection Kit mB33
IgM Detection Kit mB01