Oleg S. Targoni, Ph.D.

Director, CRO

Personal Statement
I got exposed to, and intrigued by immune monitoring during my postdoctoral training at Case Western, in Drs. Lehmanns’ laboratory. Working on experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE), a model for multiple sclerosis (MS), and enabled by the ELISPOT technology we developed in that lab, we were the first to trace the autoreactive T cells in the entire body of the mice, and to study their effector classes and repertoire selections. I joined the Lehmanns when they started CTL and helped set up its CRO operation because I believed in the need to translate lessons learned from animal models into studies of humans. It is gratifying today to do exactly that: helping our clients with their immune monitoring needs pursing pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Education and Training

I received my M.S. from the University of Kharkiv, Ukraine , and my PhD in Immunology from Moscow State University, Russia. As a post-doctoral fellow, I worked in the autoimmunity field.

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