Pooled MAT PBMC®

Pooled PBMC are offered for pyrogen testing via the Monocyte Activation Test (MAT).

All donors are pre-screened and selected per the European Pharmacopoeia EP 2.6.30 guidelines: no NSAIDs administered for one week and no steroids for one month prior to aphaeresis. The PBMC were frozen EP 2.6.30 compliant within 4 h of isolation according to an optimized cryopreservation protocol for MAT.

Independent functionality tests were performed to measure responses to endotoxin, lipoteichoic acid and peptidoglycan by ELISA to ensure a low background high response characteristic.

Certificate of Analysis

All processing media used during PBMC isolation and cryopreservation are tested for pyrogens.

Pooled PBMC, 4 healthy donors: 5 million cells per vial Cat# CTL-PP4
Pooled PBMC, 8 healthy donors, available upon special order.

More Information

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These cryopreserved PBMC are ideal for any applications that requires pooled, functional PBMC.