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B-Poly-SE™ Polyclonal B cell Stimulator

Memory B cells exist in a quiescent state in the absence of recent antigen encounter and importantly do not secrete their individual BCR as soluble antibody. Therefore, polyclonal stimulation of resting memory B cell is required for their measurement using ELISPOT or FluoroSpot (collectively ImmunoSpot®). CTL Human B-Poly-SE™ has been shown to promote polyclonal stimulation and differentiation of B cells into antibody-secreting cells (ASC). Most notably, B-Poly-SE™ inhibits differentiation of naïve B cells expressing an IgM+ B cell receptor and can elicit production of all Ig classes and IgG subclasses; including IgE.

Concentration: CTL B-Poly-SE™ (Human) - 333x

Catalog #CTL-hBPOLYSE-35, CTL-hBPOLYSE-160

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CTL Human B-Poly-SE™ is a stock solution containing anti-CD40 mAb, recombinant Human IL-4 and recombinant Human IL-21. Human B-Poly-SE™ leads to differentiation of antibody-secreting cells (ASC) capable of secreting individual Ig classes (including IgE) after 5-7 days of in vitro culture.

Volume discounts available, please inquire.