Wendy Huang, Ph.D.

Junior Scientist, Consumables QC

Personal Statement
I am passionate about observing the world, identifying problems, and finding solutions. To this end, I received solid training in the field of both, science and engineering, that I can deploy to help science progress. I am very excited to work at CTL, where people devote all their knowledge and efforts on pioneering immune monitoring. My mission in the consumables QC department is to make sure that scientists working in the field of immune monitoring get are provided with the most precise and powerful tools for their research so they are enabled to making progress in health care.

Education and Training
  • 2001. B.S. of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • 2003. M.S. of Environmental Science and Engineering with minor program of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • 2013. Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
Wendy Huang
  • Huang, Y.-W. and Ugaz, V.M. “Smartphone-Based Detection of Unlabeled DNA via Electrochemical Dissolution”. Analyst. 2013, 138, 2522-2526.
  • Huang, Y.-W., Shaikh, F.A., and Ugaz, V.M. “Tunable Synthesis of Encapsulated Microbubbles by Coupled Electrophoretic Stabilization and Electrochemical Inflation”. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 3739-3743.