Assay standardization

Despite the straightforwardness and apparent ease of the general ELISPOT protocol, minor variations in the procedure can create significant differences in the experimental outcome. CTL has addressed this challenge by identifying the parameters that can impact the results, such as cell preparation, membrane selection, reagent concentrations, cryopreservation, thawing, cell counting, and more.

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Only CTL provides a comprehensive standardization package for ELISPOT assays. This package includes our specially formulated Serum-free Media solutions, cryopreservation reagents, standardized antigens (e.g. CEF peptide pools), cryopreserved PBMC (both characterized and uncharacterized for HLA types and antigen reactivity), ELISPOT reference sample QC sets, whole-blood processing kits, and shipping materials. Also included are training sessions for blood processing, ELISPOT assays, and whole blood shipping procedures.

CTL also offers standardized ELISA protocols for multiple species. In addition, CTL is continuing to diversify its research portfolio by developing standardization packages for intracellular cytokine staining, surface marker staining via flow cytometry, and other assay types.