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ImmunoSpot® Products

Everything you need for Immune Monitoring

Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) is the pioneer and industry leader in the development, use, and manufacture of standardized immune monitoring tools. Through ceaseless innovation and dedication to the highest principals of scientific rigor and customer support, CTL has launched the Immune Monitoring industry to new heights.
Everything you need, all from ONE SOURCE.
ImmunoSpot® Analyzers
  • High-throughput cell imaging
  • ELISPOT, multicolor FluoroSpot
  • Live/Dead/Apoptotic, NK-assays
  • Cytotoxicity assays, Colony/Plaque assays
  • Scientifically-validated counting technique
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ImmunoSpot® Kits
  • Single- and double-color T cell and B cell ELISPOT Kits
  • Up to four-color T cell and B cell FluoroSpot Kits
  • Mouse T cell and B cell ELISPOT and FluoroSpot Kits
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Cryopreserved PBMC
  • Extensive library of HLA-typed donors
  • References samples
  • Antigen-specific cytokine responses to Class I & II-restricted peptides
  • NK-cell characterized ePBMC®
  • Hundreds of identical samples available for large clinical studies
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Serum-Free Media for PBMC Testing and Cryopreservation
  • Optimized for consistent, standardized performance in immune assays
  • Formulated for high signal, low background
  • Ideal for ELISPOT, FluoroSpot and other immune monitoring assays
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Positive Controls for T cell activation
  • HLA-Class I- restricted peptides as positive controls for CD8+ T cell functionality
  • HLA-Class II- restricted proteins as positive controls for CD4+ T cell and antigen presenting cell (APC) functionality
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